The One-Legged Sandpiper

Some Information About
Publishing The Piper

  W h a t

What software is used to publish the Sandpiper?

Microsoft Paint for Windows 98
Microsoft WordPad for Windows 98
Paint Shop Pro 5.01
MGI Photo suite 8.05
WS_FTP File Transfer Client 4.50 97.05.17
Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.0
Canon Computer Systems, Inc. Photo Org 2.0
Microsoft Sound Recorder, Windows 98
Robert Smyth's Icon Maker, Version 1.0
Presto Page Manager
Ulead Systems, Inc. Photo Impact SE, Version 3.02
Ulead Systems, Inc. GIF-X.Plugin, Version 2.0
C-Cube Microsystems JPEG Compression ICI Library Version 1.0
Microsoft Word 97
Color Browser Version 2.0
GIF Construction Set (16-bit) (GIFcon)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (5.00.2919.6307)

What's used to capture the images?

Digital photography: Polaroid PDC-300 Camera
Kodak Digital Science Picture Easy 3.0
GIC Technology IMS Camera 1.03.026
Mustek 1200 LP Scanner
Umax Astra 1220 U
Intel Intel Play Microscrope
Polaroid PDC-640 Digital Camera
Kodak DC-265 Digital Camera
Polaroid PhotoMax 2.02

What kind of hardware is used?


Packard Bell PLT 7800
Intel Pentium II 350 mhz Processor
512 kb Cache
4 MB Video RAM
Onboard Sound Card
(3) 6 gigabyte Hard Drives
(1) 5 gigabyte Hard Drive
CRD-8320B CD Rom Drive
3 1/2" Floppy Drive
56 kb Fax Modem
Multimedia PB Keyboard (not one of those ergonomic things)
9744A Microphone
Model 215 PB Hi-Fi Multi-Media Speaker System
(What... No subwoofer?)

Added Components

Pinnacle Systems Studio PCTV Video Card
CompUSA EIDE Adapter With High Speed IEEE 1284 EPP Parallel And 16550 UART Serial Port
Micro Point Serial & PS/2 Mouse
Sony Superstation Tape Drive (Most Important)

What's on the shopping list?

Umax 2200 U Scanner
Maxdor 40 gigabyte hard drive
Metacreations Graphics Products
Zip Drive
New Laser Printer
File Server
Second workstation
Ethernet network Card
Digital camcorder
CD write drive
Panasonic PV-SD4090 PalmCam Digital Still Camera
Photo Cataloging/Archiving Software

  W h e r e

Where is the Sandpiper Published?

     The Sandpiper is published in a corner of the band practice room of the former United Methodist Church Of Attawaugan, Dayville, Connecticut, within earshot of the Five Mile River. The bulk of the planning work and layout is done in Lavallette, New Jersey, about one-hundred fifty feet from the crest of the beach.

World Headquarters
World Headquarters, Dayville CT. Notice the unfinished walls behind the "work station".

Where is the Sandpiper Hosted?

The Sandpiper is hosted by

W h e n

When is the Sandpiper Published?

     The Sandpiper had settled into a pattern of monthly issues until issues 29 and 30. Moving it to it's own domain, and relocating the back issues took more time then anticipated.

H o w

How are the Sandpiper issues put on the web?

     The Sandpiper is created, tested and debugged on a local hard drive and then copied to a web server maintained by using WS_FTP File Transfer Client 4.50 97.05.17.

W h y

Why is the Sandpiper Published?

Yet to be determined.

W h o

Who publishes the Sandpiper?

Me. Chandler Johnson.

Due to the fact that there is more photographic evidence of the Loche Ness Monster
than of me, this is it. Claire, Me and Ruth eating icecream cake. October 1998, at the beach.

The cake was just asking for it.

The Piper is brought to you courtesy of
Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture.
For None of your furniture needs ... yet.

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