Fall Turns To Winter.
(Then to Spring again by time I finish this)
Ocean Beach Unit 1.
Lavallette New Jersey.

Old Old Copy Of Club Rules

     This is an ancient, by Ocean Beach standards, copy of the rules of the club. They were, and are still, distributed to each club member presumably to be posted in the bungalows for the benefit of any renters. The squabbling over, and interpretation of, these rules has been a source of amusement for as long as I've been here and was old enough to understand and remember what was being said around me.

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Fall is the time for construction, or in this case destruction. As much as I'm happy for someone building a new beach house, I hate to see the old originals get knocked down. This one was a golden oldie on the Lavallette boardwalk.

It weathered years of violent storms, but a few minutes with a Caterpilar Shovel and it's nothing but a pile of rubble. 02


Just like the old days: Real shutters go up over the ocean side windows. We've all become too complacent from years of mild winters here.

Time for the Christmas docorations to go up on all the light poles in Lavallette. 04


It's November and Sonia is still in New Jersey. Argentina will sound like a better deal as the beach weather ends and winter begins.

The seagulls get more aggressive as the weather grows colder. 06


They'll get close enough to grab a wingtip if you're feeding them something good.

The feeding frenzy looks very graceful frozen in time by the camera. 08


They can hover in place for quite a while, no doubt expending more energy than the few potato chips or chunks of stale Italian bread provide.

A beautiful beach day is a beautiful beach day, no matter what time of year. 10


A walk down the beach in November found the beach littered with white flowers.

These were flowers thrown into the waters off Nantucket. 12


This was done to honor the dead.

The victims of a plane crash. 14 OB


On a happier note, the beach is now home to a sizable herd of Sandpipers.

A rare sight. A real One-legged Sandpiper. The poor character seemed to be having a rough time of it. The one that this mess is named after just had a broken leg. I think I'll dedicate it to this little guy now.
Learn more about the One-legged Sandpiper in Frequently Asked Question University, a new section in this issue.


The poor little guy can't keep up with his buddies. He seemed to spend all of his time alone unless the "herd" happened by. He was on the beach every day for more than a week, so he was obviously getting enough to eat. I hope the story had a happy ending.

The weather can be quite unpredictable this time of year. A boardwalk walk that start on a bright sunny afternoon can end an hour later in this. 18


Can't even see half way down Ortley Avenue to Route 35.

One symptom of the cleaner ocean we've been enjoying lately is the variety of critters around now that haven't been here for years. I can't remember the last time I had seen the shell of one of these guys. 20


There's even lots more of the normal species showing up. Snails, seahorses, starfish, all kinds of great critters. Did you know that New Jersey is planning on approving offshore dumping again. Just as the ocean is improving. How much sense does that make? More info on this in the next issue.

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