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Monday, October 3, 1999 Through Sunday, October 31, 1999

No news Is Good News

01 Wood Stove

October means it's time to look into the wood stove again. Here it is in it's recently cleaned out corner of the shop, all cleaned and put away from last spring. This area tends to accumulate a lot of stuff during the summer months because it's off to the side and out of the traffic in the main shop floor. .
The first wood run of the year. Best to do it now when the weather is nicer then wait until the first cold rainy or snowy day. It takes a while for the temeratures in the shop to become uncomfortable. Usually December starts wood burning season. 02 1st Wood Run

03 Frost On The Vette

The Corvette Frost Meter indicates a hard frost early in the month. Just enough to kill all of the annuals, caladium, dahlias and elephant ears.
Compas Rose, one of the nicest wooden sailboats afloat today is seriously for sale. See more in the Real-estate section of this issue. I realize she's not a building, but she could be a home 04 Compass Rose

05 Van Load Of Beach Stuff

October is a good time to bring the summer's accumulation of Stuff back from the shore. Now to find homes for it here.
The back is full of tools returning from Todd's house in Tivoli New York. These all had homes so they'll be easy to repatriate. 06 Tools From Todd's

07 High Street

A quick stop in Metuchen New Jersey on the way to the shore, for a quick look at the house I grew up in. 188 High Street. 549-2806 was the phone number I think. I remember learning it before leaving for Kindergarden or First Grade in Edgar School.
This is the house next door where Jim Burns lived with his parents, grandparents and Blackie, the meanest cat ever. His parents still live there. Jim and I have known each other since he was born. I had 9 months of seniority back then. Still. 08 Jim Burn's House

09 Pine Trees

These pine trees still tower over the driveway. I remember they used to fill the well in front of the windshield of my mothers red Buick Road Master with pine needles that would blow in the vents when the defroster was on..
Time out for an ice-cream Birthday Cake. Birthdays seem to be a good time to remember the events, people and places of the past. We enter the world with nothing but future, and leave with nothing but past. Everywhere in between is a mixture of both. Make sure you keep some of your past. It's an anchor to tie the future to. 10 How Old?

11 Nobody Can Eat Just One

What's better then a birthday cake? Two birthday cakes. Especially one my grandmother baked at the Dip&Sip.
This was last years model. Everyone agreed it was perfect. I really don't do anything to encourage this sort of behavior. 12 Nice Cake

13 Over The River

Speaking of the past, this painting hangs in the living room of my grandparents beach house: Trautman's Dip & Sip. It was one of the first things I remember from visits to their house in Woodbridge New Jersey. Whenever I hear "Over the river and though the woods, to Grandmothers house we go", I think of this painting. My mother sang that to me as we went to my grandmothers house for Thanksgiving. It was the first Thanksgiving I remember.
I remember asking my Grandfather, who painted these, "Who lives there?". I think he made something up to get me to stop asking. 14 Who Lives Here?

15 In The Navy

I remember being told my Grandfather was a sailor in the Navy. I wasn't sure what that meant but I was sure this painting had something to do with it. See that sky? You can see some real sky just like this in the Weather department.

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