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Frequently Asked Question University

Where did the name come from?

     One day during the late summer or early fall in 1998, I was walking along the beach north of Lavallette, New Jersey. As I was passing by Monterey beach, I noticed a flock (herd?) of sandpipers working along the edge of the water. I noticed one seemed to be lagging behind the rest. As I got closer, I realized he was holding one leg up, and hopping for all he was worth on the remaining good leg. I assumed he must have injured it some how. He was almost keeping up with the rest, and was just enough slower that he would be up to his tail feathers in water as each wave came in. Knee deep ... and just a little behind. I simply had no choice.

Why is there pictures of a church?

     That's where most of the work on the Sandpiper is done. It's the former home of the United Methodist Church Of Attawaugan, built in 1870. It's currently my home and is undergoing extensive renovation. Read more about the history of the church in a multi-part feature beginning in
#20 - 03-28-99 - 20 Issues And Counting.

Where do all of the pictures come from?

     I take most of them with any of four different digital cameras. Some photos are contributed, The bulk of those are prints that are scanned with either of three scanners. Issue #31 has the first pictures taken with a digital microscope. More pictures are being contributed all the time. Send yours in.

Why is there an outhouse in the Piper Geographic page?

     If you've seen the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, you might remember the grandfather character striding off towards the outhouse with a copy of the National Geographic magazine, dressed appropriately for whatever adventure he was off on. "I'm off to India to have a spot of tea with the Maharajah ..."
That's his outhouse. See how the outhouse was created in
#25 - 05-10-99 - It May Oar May Knot Get Warm.

What kind of computer do you use?
     A Packard Bell PLT 7800.

Do you use any special software?
     Every software package used is "off the shelf", and some are freeware, or shareware. I don't use any HTML generators like Microsoft Front Page, just a text editor, and Word 97 for spell checking. The biggest problem is handling the volume of digital photos that are gathered for each issue. As few as six hundred and as many as two thousand are reviewed for each issue. All of the photo software I've reviewed so far has fallen short performance wise, when it comes to large numbers of images. Look at the Software section of the Publishing Page.

Where is this website written?
     The Sandpiper is published in a corner of the band practice room of the former United Methodist Church Of Attawaugan, Dayville, Connecticut, within earshot of the Five Mile River. The bulk of the planning work and layout is done in Lavallette, New Jersey, about one-hundred fifty feet from the crest of the beach. Look at the Where section of the Publishing Page for a picture of world headquarters.

Where did the graphics come from?
     All of the graphics used, with the exception of the background of the Lightning Strike Special Report, or Frequently Asked Question University, which was modified, were created for the Sandpiper. Check out the following links to see how the graphics were created using MS Paint.

Igyirh Imports, Ltd.

Piper Geographic

Animated Danger Kitchen

Framed Sandpiper

Ocean Beach Wallpaper

What company is the host for this site?
     Burlee.com One of the best out there.

Can anyone contribute?
     Yes. If you're reading this now, you can contribute material to the Sandpiper. Send it in. Any form of input is welcome. I can't promise it will go in right away, or even at all, but usually all the contributed material makes it in the issue being worked on when it's sent. I try and email you a link to the page it's on so you can preview the format, and make comments or suggestions. You get listed in the Credits Page as well. Learn some details about contributing material from the How To Contribute Material page.

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