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A Taste Of Eastside Marketplace.

A progressive independent supermarket on the East Side of Providence Rhode Island.

See What's New at Eastside Marketplace, Providence Rhode Island.

Look over the new Employment Opportunities page and see if there's a place for you. If there is, Please Contact Us.

Look over the new Sushi Bar page, part of the Food Court in the Providence Store. Not a sushi fan? Not a problem. Try out more traditional Hot Foods , or get a bowl of Hot Soup and a Designer Sandwich , or Specialty Sandwich from the Sandwich Board.

A "Taste Of Eastside Marketplace" held to promote the Prepared Foods Department, and the new Catering Business. It was a total success.


      Donna greeting customers at the door and welcoming them to Eastside Marketplace. Everyone received a carnation and an invitation to taste samples of the store's prepared foods.

      David Sardinha, Seafood Manager at Eastside Marketplace and Danger Kitchen contributor, checks on progress in the Entrees And More Kitchen, source of all the prepared food served during the event. 02


      A Harpist and Floutist were on hand to create an elegant atmosphere, and it helps keep them off the streets.

      Enter a raffle and get a carnation. 04


      Gleaming glass cases full of freshly prepared gourmet foods.

      Back in the kitchen the next batch of food. 06


      The Kitchen is a blur of activity on a normal day. During an event like this... It's organized chaos.

      Serving Appetizers at every corner. 08


      The produce department looking ship shape.

      Jay Pateakos, Bakery Manager, standing by to answer questions and greet customers. 10


      A display of fresh mushrooms in the produce department.

      A five pound lobster in the tank in front of the seafood department hoping no one is interested in a lot of lobster. 12


      An ice sculpture, by James Gubata, Catering Coordinator for the Newport Store.

      Bloom body care products on display in the Floral Department. 14


      Mike Sullivan, Biker, Hunter and Power Boater, looking very "Masterpiece Theater", in the Meat Department.

      Another ice sculpture in the meat department. 16


      The Food Court, almost standing room only.

      The Gourmet Cheese case in the Deli Department. 18


      Questions, answers and lots of food.

      Looking across the Gourmet Cheese case towards the Sushi Bar in the Food Court. 20


      The crowds show little sign of thinning, as long as the food supply holds out.

      The Fresh Sushi case, nearly cleaned out. The Sushi Chefs can't keep up even on a normal day. 22


      Two chefs are on duty all day. They work all morning to fill the case for the lunch rush and then again all afternoon for dinner.

      Mike Sullivan sampling Black Angus in the Meat Department. 24


      A quiet corner of the Produce Department.

      This store sells more produce than store twice as large. 26


Still going strong.

A quick cleanup between waves of customers. The event was a complete success. It's amazing how hungry one can get taking pictures. 28


A few new developments at Eastside in the past few months. The ValuPage system has been added to the Catalina checkout coupon system. Most of you are probably familiar with the red and white Catalina coupons printed on a small check-stand mounted printer when you pay for groceries. The ValuPage system will allow you to print out your own "ValuPage" at home that contains scanning coupons for items you purchased. You will be awarded "Web Bucks" in amounts specified on your ValuPage. These "Web Bucks" will print on the check-stand printer at checkout time, and can be redeemed for the purchase of anything in the store on your next visit.

Check out and print out your own ValuPage.


Eastside Marketplace is combining forces with Sophisticated Traveler, 285 Governor Street, Providence, RI. The "Traveler" will be using one of the Internet Cafe computer to provide online travel services from 9 to 5, and an interactive internet based training program for those intersted in becoming travel agents. Learn online, at your own pace with a system from Come in, shop, have lunch, and book your next trip to anywhere in the world over coffee and dessert.

Prepared Foods And Catering

The kitchen will benefit from the installation of Master Cook version, from Sierra online. The system allows the creation of scalable recipes, and can calculate nutrition information based on ingredients and serving size. Look for nutrition information in future Danger Kitchen recipes. Now there's a scary thought.

Internet Grocery Coupons And Advertising

Read an article about internet based grocery advertising and marketing by the NCSA, and learn the basics of couponing from

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