You Aren't From Around Here Are Ya
Some insights from a newcomer to North Woods lifestyles

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He's Not A Lumberjack
( But He's Still OK )

     I've just finished sawing up the fallen trees in my own yard and doing the same to a bunch of logs over at my brother's place that he hasn't been up here enough of late to take care of himself, and was concerned about losing in the snowdrifts expected fairly soon. Since I'm more used to impact wrenches than chain saws I had to learn a lot in a hurry, for example:

Don't wear your Topsiders while using a chain saw. It's not only stupid and dangerous, but you wind up with your socks loaded with sawdust, and it's a bitch getting it out. High shoes, or short boots are the way to go.


It's In Aisle 3... I Think

     A suburbanite new to the ways of small towns in the Northeast may be upset on finding that when he asks for the location of an item in a grocery or hardware store, the store employee is as likely as not to grab him by the arm & walk him over to it. Try to enjoy it; it's what is called "being helpful and friendly", something that takes some getting used to.


We Come From France

     A Don't tell anyone in conservative central or northern New Hampshire that you're from Massachusetts. They're convinced that all the damn liberals who are threatening to encumber them with government regulations and raise their taxes come from there. Anyplace else is O.K., from New Jersey to California, but not Massachusetts.

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