The mild late summer of September was replaced almost to the day by the more tumultuous weather of October. There's no denying it now. Summer is over and fall has begun.

01 Newport Rhode Island

October started with a trip to Newport Rhode Island. This is the view from Brenton Point just after lunch.
Like flying monkeys on the horizon, a sudden squall blows in from the East, sending everyone at the park packing, and a harbor full of sail boats racing back their moorings..

02 Sudden Squall

03 Back At The Harbor

Back at the harbor, everyone is battening down the hatches as the storm bears down on us. There isn't any panic, just well rehersed urgency. Even the traffic makes special allowances for the vehicles heading towards the docks, wharves and yacht clubs.
The view past the old draw bridge on the east side of Providence later in the week is nearly the same. Another storm blows in from Narraganset Bay.

04 Providence

05 Clouds All Month

This was pretty much the picture all month. Moments of clear sky between banks of clouds blowing in from Southwest to Northeast.
Back in the woods of Northeast Connecticut, the weather has turned much colder by the end of the first week of October. This is the first hard frost on the windshield of the truck. Temperatures had gone down into the twenties by the second week of the month.

06 Frost On The Truck

07 Neighbors Yard

This is the view looking out of the Church Street side past the neighbors yard. Notice the leaves changing on the trees in the distance.
Another symptom of October: Early morning fog and mist from the little river valley across the street.

08 Morning Mist

09 Back At OB1

Same story back At Ocean Beach NJ. Clouds blowing in from the East.
For all the weather excitement, the waves were still small. Small but servicable. This one makes a nice wallpaper shot for your Windows desktop.

10 Small Waves

11 Moon Rise

Luckily the clouds cleared most nights in time for the moon rise.
The last week of the month was like this everyday. Not overcast, just cloudy and windy. This picture is taken with a polaraized filter. Actually through the lens of a pair of RayBans held up in front of the camera, but the results are the same.

12 Clouds Everywhere

13 Favorite Picture

This is my favorite weather shot. Behind the clouds the sun was strong and glaring. The results were almost blinding when it broke through the clods and reflected off of the ripples in the water..
Total cloud cover except a small area in the North. Notice the great pastel colors in the clouds.

14 Pastel Colors

15 Low Low Tide

Thinning clouds were just a tease, revealing some of the strong bright sun hidden behind.
The full moon creates tides that are lower than low, and higher than normal.

16 Low Low Tide

17 Over THe Dunes

Sun and clouds over the dunes in Lavallette.
Thinning clouds in the late afternoon. I believe this is what's called a Mackeral Sky, but I could be wrong.

18 Thinning Clouds

19 Haze And Mist

The haze and mist made for some interesting sunrises.
This is my favorite weather picture for this month. Looks inviting doesn't it? Forget it! The beach is still closed. This scene lasted long enough to eat a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from Sand Dune Deli and drink a coffee.

20 More Haze And Mist

25 Dense Clouds

The early morning mist usually cleared just in time to see the clouds filling in the clear patches of sky.
Another of the endless cycles of clearing and clouding that made up the last week of the month. Clear enough to be encouraging, then cloudy enough to make it cold and dreary.

26 Clearing A Bit After Noon

27 Here We Go Again

Here we go again.
The storm fence pickets look like bars on a cell keeping the sun locked up. That's October for ya.

28  The Sun Behind Bars

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