New In This Issue

Fall/Halloween Theme

This is the first Sandpiper with a theme. Maybe the last.

Full Screen Key Makes An Appearance.

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Hit the Full Screen key to display the current page in the top frame. Try it here. Hit the Back target of your browser to return to the framed format.

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New Department

Bill's Ineffable Automotive Rehabilitation

Bill's Ineffable Automotive Anecdotes.

It's Time to Pay The Piper.

The One-legged Sandpiper sponsors page, new in this issue.

Sponsors Page

Corrections Page.

Corrections in the Sandpiper? Yes, it's hard to beleive but ...

Corrections Page

Special Feature: A beach story by Kate Walter.

What it's like growing up spending summers "down the shore".

Beach Story

Leaf Peepin' Piper Style.

A pictorial look at fall foliage in Connecticut.

Leaf Peepin'

Halloween Special.

Great Halloween decorations in Stonington Connecticut.

Leaf Peepin'

Sunrise With Bonnie. A Special Feature.

Coffee on the beach for sunrise, and breakfast afterwards.
Martha Stewart, step aside.

Sunrise with Bonnie

The Em McNally Beach Badge Collection Goes Online.

See a badge from every year there was a badge at Ocean Beach New Jersey.

Badge Collection


YAFAHAY is not an Indian name for the white man. It's an Acronym. You Aren't From Around Here Are Ya? This will be the observations and analysis of a long time metropolitan New Jersey resident experiencing the culture shock of moving to another planet: New hampshire.

You Aren't From Around Here Are Ya?

Arts And Artists

A new department, focusing on un, little, or soon to be well known artists.

Arts And Artists

How To Contribute To The One-legged Sandpiper.

Should you send a bitmap or a JPEG? Is a MIME file OK? And what about text?
Find all the answers in this informational page.

How To Contribute Material

Expanded Download Department.

Want an image from the Piper? You can get them here. Instructions have been added. A new addition is the wallpaper special of the day. These images have been selected because they can make a nice wallpaper for your windows desktop.


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