Local means Newport Rhode Island in this issue. Ya just can't visit Newport without stopping at the International Yacht Restoration school. It even smells greeat walking around this place. The nice folks here usually leave the gates open and welcome visitors anytime.

01 Sailboats

Isn't this a great font yard. Thames Street Newport in front, a lot full of boats, a great old building, and Newport Harbor in the back. This is the sailboat project storage area. These are beauties even before restoration.

A big commuter waiting for it's turn to become a show piece. Most, if not all, of these boats are donated to the school. They rely heavily on donations, although tuition from full time programs, and part time classes provides steady income.

02 Commuter

03 Happy Clam

Happy Clam, a small inboard runabout, sits on a trailer in the yard.

This elegant rowing skiff has it's own shed in the yard. It's sleek lines indicate it could be rowed effeortlessly.

04 Rowing Skiff

05 Hi Tech Neighbors

The school's collection of boats sits in the water amidst the hi-tech big guns of the Newport water front. I'd rather be here looking there, then there looking here. This one is a beauty though.

The low-tech counterpoint. This is a nice view of the helm station. Notice the comfy chair and wooden wheel and ... No satelite navigation system.

06 Pam - Helm Station

07 Pam - Bow View

A view of the bow that conveys a feeling of elegance, and a sense of power at the same time.

A beautiful wooden sailboat tied up at the dock. It looks like it could be an Alden design, but I'm not sure. There was no information available at the dock, and no one to ask. It's nice to be free to walk around the grounds anyway.

08 An Alden Design?

09 Weather Closing In

A view over the Aluminum Forest as the weather closes in on the harbor.

The crew of this baby doesn't seem the least bit concerned. They've probably been tracking the storm on their onboard Dopler RADAR.

10 Me Worry?

11 Boat Info

Every boat here should have one of these. A floor plan and a few technical details and dimensions are always nice to know.

A look at Pam's graceful stern. Everyone should have a graceful stern, butt not too stern.

12 Pam

13 Sportfisherman

The simple, clean lines of this sportfisherman are the closest match to the elegrance of the older boats. Some wood on it would help. Wood is good.

I think this boat is Angelita. I think she was an olympic competitor in the past. I'm pretty sure I've seen her in an ad for varnish or some other coating in Wooden Boat magazine.

14 Angelita Stern View

15 Angelita, Bow View

A view of her bow, not unlike the stern view. Angelita is beautiful coming or going, and it's starting to rain so ... That's it for this issue. Look for more on the International Yacht Restoration School in the future.

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