The following are a few pictures of the church and the neighborhood around it. Don't miss taking a scenic walk along the Five Mile River with this link or the link near the center of the page.


The following seven pictures were taken during the third week of October. This was Sunday.

Monday. 02



Wednesday. 04



Friday. 06



This branch outside my bedroom window is always the first to get color, and the last to loose leaves. I'm going to miss it when the damaged maple comes down. 08


TK sharpening her claws on the maple in question. This probably doesn't help. Look at the size of those toes.

Looking up into the tree reveals the bright yellow color it's leaves turn in the fall. This is always the first tree to turn. 10


The "branch" on a nicer day. This is the first thing I see in the morning when I look out of the bedroom window. Not too bad..

This is the view from my mailbox, looking down at the river across the street. Notice the sun sparkling on the water through the trees. 12


More sun on the river and changing leaves.

Aproaching home from Ballouville to the north. 14


The trees across the street along the river are finally turning. This is the view from the front steps.

The "branch" one more time. 16


Looking out of the eastern most window in the shop into the yard. This is the window nearest to the hardware and safety stuff cabinet. The safety stuff cabinet contains gloves, ear and eye protection and masks from fiber dust masks to resperator style fume masks.

This is the view out of the second window. This is very nice scenery when working at the bench with the bench grinders and bench top drill presses. 18


The window near the wood storage area. This one is used for passing wood in from the lumber dryer.

The window near the assembly area. The windows on the opposite wall look out onto Church Street. That's no big deal. 20


The "branch" again. Last time. I promise.

The ground outside of the shop windows, covered with freshly fallen leaves. 22


The colors are great this year in spite of predictions to the contrary because of the drought.

These shots were used to create the Background used for this issue's menu, heading frame and title page. 24


Learn more about how the colors are used in the Piper News section of this issue.

Stop and take a walk along the river


OK I lied. One more picture of the branch. The tree is coming down this year so ... I needed one more shot of it.

The millrace by the mailbox again.Even fewer leaves this time. 46


A sunset over the resevoirs in Scituate Rhode Island. This is the scenery on the way home from a trip to Providence.

The drive home. 48


The sunsets are always better in October.

Welcome to Jurrasic Park. The fog and mist of the late October mornings give the woods across the street an erie look first thing in the morning. 50


Keep an eye peeled for velociraptors.

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