Twice as big and just as ugly
The Sandpiper is eight months old and still growing. This is the biggest issue ever.
Six new departments, 5 special features and more contributions then ever before.

Sandpiper getting kicked out of the house
will soon be it's new home.
Hosting by burlee.net.

October beach weather? You betcha.

Time To Pay The Piper
The corporate Sponsors page is new in this issue. The first sponsor is already onboard. Jump on the band wagon now with your company.

Notice the cheesy Halloween and fall foliage graphics?
This is the first Sandpiper with a theme. What do you think? Just wait until Christmas.

Send A Gift Subscription
The Gift Subscription is a new feature in this issue. Do you enjoy reading the Sandpiper? Send a free gift subscription to a friend, family memeber, associate or total stranger.

Bill's Ineffable Automotive Anecdotes
Another new department, Bill's Auto is sponsoring this informative and entertaining department. Automotive maintenance tips and advice.

Corrections Department Added
Hrd 2 beeleive, butt ... ther are Corrections in evry ishoo. This is where you'll find them mentioned, and who reported them.

Arts And Artists
The Arts And Artists department will feature some un, little, lesser, and soon to be well known artists. Hopefully even You.

No it's not an Indian word, YAFAHAY is an acronym.
You Aren't From Around Here Are Ya?

How To Contribute Info Page Added
The How To Contribute page has everything you need to know to contribute to the Sandpiper, which you should be doing.

Contributions Needed!

Do you have any news, stories, anouncements or pictures?
Do you have anything to sell?
Did you try a good recipe, or eat at a good restaraunt?
Try any new drinks, beers or wines?
Did you notice any errors in a previous issue? (highly unlikely)
Got five bucks?
Whatever ya got, send it along and get it published in the next Piper.
Remember, it's a World Wide web.

Contributed Material Makes Me Feel Special
And you'll feel special too when you see these special features. New Contributors are helping the Piper get better all the time.

Halloween In Stonington Connecticut
You'll be dying to go to Stonington for Halloween when you see this mostly pictorial special.

A Beach Story By Kate Walter
The BeachStory describes growing speding summers at a family beach house "down the shore."

The Em McNally Beach Badge Collection
The Beach Badge Collection is the most complete one in Ocean Beach New Jersey.

Sunrise With Bonnie
Watch the Sunrise With Bonnie with coffee on the beach, and then breakfast at the Sadankas'. Lots of great food and sunrise pictures. Sure to be an annual event.

Fall Foliage With The Sandpiper
Do some Leaf Peepin' with the Piper. The pictures don't do it justice, you have to visit in person next year.

Peak Foliage was excellent in spite of the predictions.

Ruth Sadankas and Deb Acker Make the trip from New Jersey to see some foliage.

Website STILL Unpublished
Don't look for it on a Search Engine... Yet.
Coding and testing for the big event underway, one month to go.
Adirondack Style and Sandpiper Website has hundreds of hits anyway.

Sonia Lopez still visiting from Argentina. They'll want her back but we may decide to keep her.

The Full Screen Key
This control, on some of the picture heavy pages, puts the page in the top frame for easier viewing or printing.

Kitty still needs you to Find A Home for her.
Maybe invite her into yours.

Bad news: The lake cottage was sold. No more sunsets, from there anyway.

Boat fund still just enough for 3 feet of boat. 21 feet to go.

Shop temps down to 40 degrees at night, time for a fire NOW.

Outside temperatures dip into the low twenties in October.

Piper number three online.
02-06-99 - Number 3 - Hooterville Happenings
Only 2 back issues left to go!

Laurel House restaraunt opens in Dayville CT. Look for a review in a future issue.

adirondackstyle.net server space exceeded by over 23 MEG this issue.
The total web site is now over 40 MEG.
Time for the Piper to get it's own apartment.

Check out the expanded Downloads department for more graphics.
Now includes instructions and Wallpaper Specials every issue.

New Digital Camera
The PDC300 now has a partner, a Polaroid PDC640. See the results in this issue.

First Enhanced Photos
The first Enhanced Photos in a Sandpiper appear in this issue. A little brighter? A little better color? You be the judge.

Sandpiper Gets Linkes
The Sandpiper has been Linked for the first time. From the University Of Texas, at Autin.

The "Piper" is brought to you courtesy of
Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture.
For None of your furniture needs ... yet.

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