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This section is so new it doesn't even have it's own icon yet. The purpose here is to find homes for animals in trouble. If you know of such an animal, email the Piper using the link at the bottom of this page. Send a picture and description, and how to contact you.

Bill and Kitty

We need to find a home for "Kitty". Here's Kitty with Bill Bunker. Bill takes care of receiving all of the shipments deliverd to Eastside Marketplace in Providence Rhode Island.

Kitty is a young female stray that has been living under the compactor at the store for a few months now. She's a little shy, but warms up to you quickly if you'll give her a minute or two.

Under the dumpster

Between a dumpster and a hard place

Despite being abandoned, she's become quite friendly with the vendors who'll take the time to pet her but she's most loyal to Bill. You wouldn't have to worry about her getting under foot. She's been dodging trucks, pallet jacks, and carts of product for months now and knows how to stay out of the way.

With winter coming, we need to find her a warm safe home. Bill can't take her because he already has an older cat who wouldn't like the competition for his affection. Kitty should be rubbing on your leg while you're reading or watching television, not a dumpster behind a grocery store.

Rubbin' the dumpster

Bill & Kitty

She's quite happy being held and petted. Bill is worried she won't survive the winter. The wind blowing up Narraganset bay blasts the back of the store all winter long, as Bill can attest to, and Kitty has no real shelter. He makes sure she has plenty of food and water, but he's worried she might get into some of the rat poison placed around the back of the store.

She always takes time to wash when it's quiet between delivery trucks. She keeps herself quite clean in spite of her surroundings.

Taking time to wash

Please help find a home for Kitty. Winter's coming quickly.

Good used cat, cheap

If you want to take Kitty in, call Bill Bunker at (401)831-7771.
If you want to take Bill in, call Kitty at (401)831-7771. Or email the Piper at the bottom of this page.

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