01 Assisted Living Center

The assisted living center is coming along quickly now that the foundataion work is done.

The construction crew seems to be racing to complete the shell before winter sets in. They might just make it. 02 Assisted Living Center

03 Assisted Living Center

The assisted living center is paying to run cable TV from Pitman Street to their building. This will allow the store to connect without bearing the brunt of the expense. They're not interested in soap operas or MTV, but high speed internet access through cable modems.

Back inside the store, it's lights, camera and ... Action. The production work for the Online shopping system is all being done inhouse. Here's a collection of Rothschild products arranged for a shot for the top of the Rothschild page. 04 Lights, Camera Action

05 Aggie In Action

Here's Eastside's answer to Martha Stewart: Aggie Clifford-Carmone. Aggie is the new Catering Coordinator for the store, and also responsible for developing the gift basket business both online and instore. She also lends her sense of style and marketing ideas to the online project on a daily basis in spite of all her other duties.

As you can see by the results, and not because I'm any kind of photographer, Aggie really knows how to bring out the best in any product presentation. 06 Rothschild

07 Rhode Island Baskets

This is a Rhode Island Regional Specialties Basket. Just a sampling of products from the Ocean State that will be available for sale online soon at eastsidemarket.com. To be delivered anywhere in the world.

An assortment of Rhode Island products in a picture for the retail web site. 08 Rhode Island Products

09 The Mayor's Own Marinara Sauce

Anyone who has watched the show Providence on television may be familiar with Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci. Anyone who listens to Don Imus, on the Imus In The Morning radio program has probably enjoyed the Mayor's appearances on the show. Anyone who lives or works in Rhode Island is certainly familiar with this charismatic character. Not as many people are aware that the proceeds from the sales of his products go towards sending kids to college who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. Here's a jar of his sauce sitting on the green marble tile for my bathroom, and the beige marble tile for the kitchen. This arrangement was courtesy of Randall Goodridge of Barbados.

Another of Randall's arrangements. These are Bloom aroma therapy products. Most of these photos were taken with a Kodak DC265 digital camera. 10 Bloom On Marble

11 More Bloom

Another shot of the Bloom products. These photos, and the products themselves, will be online before the next issue of the Sandpiper reaches you. Remember, Valentines day isn't that far off.

This may be my favorite product picture so far. The Polaroid PDC-640 captured perfectly the rich colors of the Rothschild products, and the warmth and texture of Aggie's style. 12 My Favorite


A few new developments at Eastside in the past few weeks. The ValuPage system has been added to the Catalina checkout coupon system. Most of you are probably familiar with the red and white Catalina coupons printed on a small check-stand mounted printer when you pay for groceries. The ValuPage system will allow you to print out your own "ValuPage" at home that contains scanning coupons for items you purchased. You will be awarded "Web Bucks" in amounts specified on your ValuPage. These "Web Bucks" will print on the check-stand printer at checkout time, and can be redeemed for the purchase of anything in the store on your next visit.

Check out http://www.valupage.com and print out your own ValuPage.


Eastside Marketplace is combining forces with Sophisticated Traveler, 285 Governor Street, Providence, RI. The "Traveler" will be using one of the Internet Cafe computer to provide online travel services from 9 to 5, and an interactive internet based training program for those intersted in becoming travel agents. Learn online, at your own pace with a system from www.cybertravelspecialist.com. Come in, shop, have lunch, and book your next trip to anywhere in the world over coffee and dessert.

Prepared Foods And Catering

The kitchen will benefit from the installation of Master Cook version, from Sierra online. The system allows the creation of scalable recipes, and can calculate nutrition information based on ingredients and serving size. Look for nutrition information in future Danger Kitchen recipes. Now there's a scary thought.

Internet Grocery Coupons And Advertising

Read an article about internet based grocery advertising and marketing by the NCSA, and learn the basics of couponing from refundcents.com.

The "Piper" is brought to you courtesy of
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