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Permission is granted to use these images in any way, shape or form, although the preferred use is to create a link to the One-legged Sandpiper, or at least a favorable reference. All of the graphics are original works, although the Ocean Beach Surf Club graphic is my rendition of the OBSC pennant given to me as a gift by the mother of a women who used to check badges on the beach.

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Sandpiper Ocean Beach Surf Club Original Danger Kitchen Links Green Side Up Real-Estate Animated Danger Kitchen

Piper Border

Piper Geographic Ah been framed! Local Cheesy Halloween Decoration (transparent) Monster Piper. Ooh Scary! Love That Seat Halloween Pumpkin (transparent)


This Month's Specials

Leaves In The Yard

This is not a seemless wallpaper, but is a nice seasonal image none the less. This picture was taken in the yard outside my bedroom window on Sunday, October 17, 1999. This image is best tiled or centered.
This is Barnegat Bay at sunset, Saturday, October 23, 1999. This is the first picture taken with the new Polaroid PDC640 Digital Camera. This is a much higher resolution image then the PDC300 and can be stretched to fill your screen with no ill effects. Barnegat Bay


This is a picture looking south from Ocean Beach towards Seaside in New Jersey. It was taken Sunday, October 24, 1999. The picture captures the bright glare of the sun off the water from being lower in the southern sky during the fall. The water was warm enough to stand in without getting numb. This image can be stretched to fill your screen.
This picture was taken on Saturday, October 23, 1999. The view is looking slightly northeast over the storm fence and sand dunes next to the Lavallette boardwalk in New Jersey. BoardWalk

Piper Paper

Piper Paper Light Blue Piper Paper Adirondack Style Green Piper Paper Yellow Adirondack Style Paper
Limpy Storm Fence And Dune Grass Bill'a Ineffable Automotive Anecdotes Sunrise With Bonnie Sunrise With Bonnie

The Piper is brought to you courtesy of
Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture.
For None of your furniture needs ... yet.

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