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Chicken 'n' Biscuits

Lots of work, but worth it.

This has been my go-to birthday meal since I was ten years old. It's still as good as it ever was.


> 2 whole chickens.
> 4 onions.
> 8 carrots.
> 6 stalks celery.
> 8 cloves garlic.
> 1/2 bunch of parsley.
> 2 bay leaves.
> 2 or 3 cloves.
> 1 tsp peppercorns.
> 4 cups bisquick.
> 1 1/2 cups milk.
> 1 stick of butter softened.
> 1/2 cup parsley flakes.
> 1 can of creamed corn.
> 2 egg whites, beaten with some water.
> 2 Tbsp Flour > Some flour and cold water.


> Put the first 9 ingredients in a pot and cover with water.
> Simmer gently for 2 to 3 hours.
> Remove the chicken from the broth.
> Strain and save the broth.
> Skin the chicken and pick from the bone in bite size pieces.
> Put the chicken pieces in a large baking dish.
> Thicken the remaining broth with some flour mixed in cold water.
> Simmer the gravy gently until thickened and pour over the chicken.
> Mix the bisquick with the milk until blended well.
> Knead the biscuit mix gently and roll out to 1/4 inch thick.
> Spread softened butter over the rolled out biscuits. Be generous.
> Sprinkle parsley flakes over the buttered biscuits heavily.
> Roll the biscuits into a long log.
> Refridgerate until ready to use.
> Beat the egg whites with a little cold water until fluffy.
> Mix 2 Tbsp flour into can of creamed corn.
> Mix the beaten egg whites with creamed corn.
> Pour on top of the chicken mixture in the baking dish.
> Cut the biscuits in 1 inch slices and place them on top of the corn mixture.
> Bake at 350 degrees until the biscuits are brown.
> Fill Plate. Eat. Repeat.

28 Off The Bone

Chicken off the bone.
Strain and save the broth for gravy.

29 Broth For Gravy

30 Kneading Biscuits

You need to knead biscuits.
Rolling out biscuits to 1/4 inch thick.

31 Rolling Biscuits

32 Buttering Biscuits

Buttering the biscuits with a thick layer of butter. Be generous with the butter.
Spread it on thick.

33 Spread It On Thick

34 Dump On The Parsley Flakes

Dump on the parsley flakes.
A good coating of parsley flakes is good.

35 Lots Of Parsley

36 Rolled And Ready

Biscuits rolled and ready for slicing. The biscuits can be refridgerated at this stage.
Put the chicken in a baking dish and cover with gravy.

37 Chicken And Gravy

38 Egg Whites Beaten

Egg Whites beaten until foamy with a little cold water.
Mix the creamed corn and egg whites together just until blended.

39 Egg Whites And Corn

40 Egg Whites And Corn On The Chicken

Egg whites and corn on top of the chicken and gravy.
Biscuits on top of the corn mixture and ready for baking.

41 Ready For Baking

42 Done To Perfection

Done to perfection.
Always make a double batch of this.

43 Double Batch

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