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Serving Soup to Nuts for... oh... a couple of weeks now anyway.

Smoked Turkey

It's worth buying a smoker just for this.

These are good to make all year round since the cooking happens outside.


> 1 turkey, up to twenty five pounds.
> 1 bottle of white wine.
> Two cups of wood chips, hickory works well.
> A seasoned dry rub (recipe follows).


> Soak the wood chips in all of the wine, preferably over night.
> Soak the turkey in hot water in a large pot.
> Change the water a few times and rinse the bird well each time.
> Rub the bird thoroughly with the dry rub.
> Place the bird on a rack in the smoker.
> Place half of the wood chips in the smoker.
> Cover and smoke for at least 8 hours for a 16 pound bird, 14 hours for a 25 pounder.
> keep the Temperature in the low mid range for a moist turkey.
> Add more wood chips as necessary.
> Pour wine over the bird every hour after three hours have passed.

01 Smoker In Smoke House

The burner for the smoker in the smoke house. The Smoke house allows the smoker to be used during nor'easters and hurricanes, monsoons and everything in between. A propane smoker produces ver consistent results.
It pays to cover the drip pan with foil. Clean up is much easier that way.

02 Foiled Again

03 The Chips Are Down

Hickory chips soaking in white wine. Use different woods and different wines for different meats. Soaked chips and wine can be kept frozen for future use and thawed in the microwave, or put in the smoker as a chuck of ice to thaw there.
The guest of honor enjoying a hot bath before show time.

04 Thar She Blows

05 Ready For A Rub Down

The seasoning rubdown can be a messy process so it's best to do outside.
Drain the bird completely and rub the inside and outside completely with the seasoning. Throw an extra handful into the cavity for good luck.

06 Inside And Out

07 On The Rack

The guest of honor on the rack and ready to go.
Wood chips in place and ready to go. Start with half of the chips and add some more every few hours.

08 Chips On The Smoker

09 Turkey On The Smoker

The turkey on the rack. The rack in the smoker. The smoker on the burner. Houston, we have ignition.
An hour or two into the process, the guest of honor is just starting to show some color. The pink color can be misleading. It can make the turkey look undercooked when it really isn't. Don't be fooled.

10 In The Pink

11 Low And Ideal

Every smoker is different temperature wise but... a good rule of thumb is: Not too hot, not too cold. Practice makes perfect. You can always fix any undercooked mistakes by finishing individual portions quickly in the microwave.
Done to perfection but still wearing a few stray wood chips. You want to pick these off before serving.

12 It's Showtime

13 On The Platter

Ready to carve. A quick brush of olive oil can give it that magazine or cook book turkey look.
The kids table.

14 The Kids Table

15 Bonk Bonk

The grups table.

Dry Seasoning Ingredients

> 1/2 Tbsp onion powder.
> 1/2 Tbsp celery salt.
> 1/2 Tbsp garlic powder.
> 1 Tbsp paprika.
> 2 Tbsp black pepper.
> 1 Tbsp dill.
> 2 Tbsp Sugar.
> 1/2 Tbsp mace.
> 1/2 Tbsp nutmeg.
> 1/2 Tbsp curry powder.
> 1/2 Tbsp dry mustard.


> Mix all ingredients together and store in a ziploc bag.

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