Giving credit where credit is due.

Current and previous contributors: Howard Collins, Bonnie Browne, Barbara Hunting,
Todd Johnson, Mary Ellen Lavin, Sharon Tucker, Deb Acker, Ruth Sadankas,
David Sardinha, Tom Darwell, Eveline Sadankas, Randall Goodridge, Christina Fischer, Kate Walter,
Bill Rooks, Claire Sadankas, Dorothy L. Rooks, Nicole Dionne

The Sandpiper welcomes Bill Rooks to the growing list of contributors.
Bill is willing to share his expertise on automobile maintenance. This knowledge was gained through years of experience as owner of Bill's Ineffable Automotive Rehabilitation in Metuchen New Jersey. Bill was well respected throughout the area as the final word in diagnostics and was often called upon by factory trained mechanics at local dealerships to solve problems that were beyond their scope. Bill has also testified in court as an expert witness regarding automotive mechanical repairs. Bill will also be sharing with us his insights as a displaced mid-westerner (Wisconsin) adjusting to life in a rural New Hampshire town on Lake Winnepesaukee after living in New Jersey for years and years. Bill's Ineffable Automotive Rehabilitation is now a sponsor as well.

Piper Geographic pictures by Christina Fischer, a new contributor.
Christina lives in Providence Rhode Island but...
Is moving to the Orkney Islands of Scotland.

Arts And Artists photos taken, developed and printed by Nicole Dionne.
Nicole "Zippy" Dionne is a part time photographer and student at CCRI, and a full time employee at Eastside Market in Providence Rhode Island.

Special thanks this issue to Kate Walter for the Ocean Beach Story.
Kate is a beach person and freelance writer living in Manhattan.
Her writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times,
Newsday, Daily News, Asbury Park Press and now, perhaps due to a momentary lapse in judgement, The One-legged Sandpiper. The story first appeared in the August 14, 1999 Asbury Park Press.
Reprinted here with permission.

The Piper is brought to you courtesy of
Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture.
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