How to contribute material to the One-legged Sandpiper.

You can contribute material to the Sandpiper in a number of ways, all of which should be available to you if you have a Windows 3.11, 95 or 98 operating system on your computer.

Images can be in any of the following formats: *.jpg (JPEG file interchange format); *.gif (GIF format, transparent or interlaced are fine as well); *.bmp (Bitmap format, the most accurate); *.tif (TIFF format).

Bitmaps (*.bmp) are the most accurate files, with no loss of color or blurring. 24 bit images are prefered. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. Bitmaps are the largest files though, and as such take longer to transmit.

Photos can be mailed (see address below) and scanned. Images up to 8.5 by 14 inches can be scanned in one pass, but larger images can be pieced together from multiple scans.

Text files can be in any of the following formats: *.doc (Microsoft Word Document); *.wri (Windows Write); *.rtf (Rich Text Format); *.txt (Text Only Format).

Printed text can be mailed to the address below for scanning with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that works fairly well with most everything but handwriting.

Email material imbedded in the mail or as attached files. Use any of the This is what an Email link looks like. It doesn't work though. What would you mail from here anyway? links on any page of the Piper, or Email to You'll get an Email back letting you know the material was received.

Zipped files are OK as well, in ZIP or MIME file formats.

Mail to: The One-legged Sandpiper
c/o Chandler Johnson
28 Ballouville Road
Dayville, CT 06241-1200

Try it ... You'll like it!

Doan be ascared

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