Coming Soon., the Piper is growing.

Issue Thirty-one of the One-legged Sandpiper.

Product Reviews What's good, what's not, and why.

Danger Kitchen Great Cooks Series.

Childhood Memories at the Dip & Sip. Good food and good times.

Limpy Video - Maybe online, maybe cassette.

Wood Is Good
Learn more about the wood your furniture is made from.
Learn more about the trees the wood comes from.

Piper Classifieds. Let the "bird" sell it for you online.
Best of all, it's a free listing for as long as it takes.

Boats And Boating, Sails And Sailing.
Power and sail, the Piper goes both ways.

The Surf Report.

What's biting who... or... Who's biting what.

Brew Review - Micro Brewery offerings tasted and reviewed.

"I wanna go ta Miami" - Whine Review.

Back Issue Number Two, Number One is just around the bend.

The One-Legged Sandpiper Trivia Contest.

The Piper in all the major Search Engines. Maybe even Yahoo.

One-Legged Sandpiper Hats, coffee mugs and cozies.
Show your support all day long.

Danger Kitchen home page: Recipes, techniques,
hints, suggestions, threats and promises.

HTML lessons. A quick and easy way to start writing HTML.
Make your own home page and have it hosted by the sandpiper.

Piper Portfolio - Online Trading: links, Piper Portfolio, Hot Tips.
The Feathered Fool?

The Danger Kitchen cook book, in print!
(Don't hold your breath)

One-Legged Sandpiper Zip Files, Download a whole issue in one file.
Read it off line whenever the mood strikes.

The One-legged Web Browser. Browse the internet using the Piper browser and have the Sandpiper Links and Online Index available at all times. Find a good site, click on the Piper Icon and add it to your Personal Piper Pages list and ... send the link with a description to the Sandpiper to make it available to all readers.

The Sandpiper Search Engine.
Want to find all of the pictures of Murray the tractor?
How about the links to Eastport Maine?
You'll be able to do it all... With the Sandpiper Search Engine. Look out Yahoo.

Every Sandpiper issue on CD. Browse them all offline.

Sandpiper Photo Archives. You've seen 1000 pictures online. See the other 7000.
All downloadable. More sunsets then you can shake a stick at.

Just Pictures - A new section with just that. A savings of a thousand words each. Maybe you can think up titles for them.

World Wide Web Weview - A new department with the picks of the month and ...
The Piper Personal Pick-of-the-litter.
Let's see Elmer Fudd say that.

FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Go head ... aks me ... aks me anythin'

The "Piper" is brought to you courtesy of
Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture.
For None of your furniture needs ... yet.

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