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Not much Adirondack Style news this month. Too busy leaf peepin', end-of-the-season garden chores and gettin' ready for cold weather. There's a wood shed to fill, leaves to rake and One-legged Sandpipers to publish. There was time for an early in the month trip to Newport to do a little research for a possible future project. I've always wanted a flag pole built like the mast of a sailing ship. I think it would add a lot to the front of the old church building. This specimen was recently added to Bowen's wharf in Newport Rhode Island, a truely great place to visit.

01 Crows Nest

This is a view of the crows nest. It seems a little light on detail, but is otherwise accurate, proportion wise.
The high point of the whole deal is the detail at the base of the mast. Just beautiful work, and no easy trick either. 02 The Base Of The Mast

03 Mast Foot

The mast foot, complete with belaying pins to make fast the running rigging.
Bowen's Wharf, on Americas Cup Avenue. Deep innahearta Newport. Need a place to dock your megayacht or want a hat that says "Newport" on it, this place can do it all. 04 Bowen's Wharf

05 Crows Nest Through The Trees

A view of the crows nest through the trees, better showing the over all proportion, and massive scale of this project.
The mast actually has a fair portion of the standing and running rigging one would expect on an actual ship's mast of these dimensions. The fittings are fairly accurate as well, and massive enough not to look like flimsy, nonfunctional, reproductions . 06 Rigging

07 There Goes The View

This is a view from the quay at the wharf. The owner of Compass Rose who has summered at the wharf for years is convinced that the mast is way too large for it's surroundings. It also spoils his view of the Church in the distance from a hammock on the deck.

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