Monday, August 23, 1999 Through Sunday, October 3, 1999

No news Is Good News

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Ocean Beach has a new green Ocean Kayak Frenzy on the sand. Co-owned by Ruth Sadankas, Bonnie Browne, Deb Acker and Claire Sadankas. More maneuverable then the Scrambler XT, and better tracking then a Yak Board, the Frenzy is a great wave boat.

Sonia Lopez is visiting for at least a month from Argentina. She's planning on becoming a proficient swimmer during the next year and coming back next summer to learn to Sailboard.


Maple Tree

The big maple tree next to the church, soon to come down, starting to show some color. This is usually the first tree to turn as far as you can see from the front steps.

A sunset from the south shore of Cape Cod at Falmouth, looking southwest towards Martha's Vineyard. Notice the remains of the dock that looks like an ancient monument.

Cape Sunset

Cape Sunset 2

This is a nice spot to watch a sunset. The lights on Martha's Vineyard are visible in the distance and there a half dozen light houses and at least that many lighted navigation aids are visible from the beach. A whistle bouy and numerous bell bouys add to the sounds of the seagulls and geese.

Back at the church, there's another project sitting in the yard.

Vette 1

Vette 2

This black on black 1976 vette with the l-82 engine option has been waiting patiently for attention. So has TK.

The True Spoke Wheels, Hooker chrome headers and straight through side pipes and Goodyear Comp TAs are doing nothing to help performance here. Time to Pull the engine and bring it into the soon to be completed machine shop for a complete rebuild. A nice off season project.

Vette 3

Vette 4

Next issue, some pictures of it before it was stolen and abused, then recovered after sitting in the rain for 4 days with the roofs off.

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