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News Monday May 24, 1999 through Sunday June 6, 1999
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Here's The Church

The following is the sixth part of "The United Attawaugan Methodist Church 1870-1970 100th Anniversary", a history of the church produced by the members for the centennial anniversary. You'll read it here exactly as it was written then.

Early Days Of First Church At Attawaugan

Described by Horatio Brown of Putnam

Established in 1870 with Rev. Nelson Goodrich as the minister

Records Of Interest
Part Two

A new green mixture carpet was purchased for the pulpit in 1922. Rev. John Carter was our Pastor, he took a sample of the new carpet to show Mr. Joseph Pray, who was ill at the time. He also made use of new communion glasses today, as they had communion together. Mr. Pray was living over the Ballouville store at this time.

Our beloved pator Rev. Abbot, Pasto of the Danielson M.E. church, supplied our pulpit at this time until Pastor Tarr came. The Attawaugan Mill Co. sold the company houses, including the parsonage. We could not furnish a new parsonage for our new pastor, Donald Tarr and his wife, so he had to travel back and forth to Jewett City until June 1935. The District Superintendent found a place there, as the pastor of Jewett City was leaving. They moved there on January 26, 1935. Rev. Donald Tarr stayed with us one year, June 1934 to June 1935. He was our last resident pastor.

There was an "Auction" on parsonage furniture held at the church vestry on Saturday, February 2, 1935. Mr. James Watson was the auctioneer.

We changed the time of our service to twelve noon with Sunday school at eleven a.m.

The conference year was changed from April to June in 1933.

On June 1st, 1925, Rev. Harvey Mousley came from the Danielson Methodist Episcopal Church.

The Lasies Aid purchased new linoleum* for the floor in the Primary classroom on October 27, 1935.

The seventieth anniversary was celelbrated on Friday evening, October 9, 1937, with Rachael Yeoman's class serving a bean supper in the vestry. Rev. Mousley was our pastor. The church was freshly painted, new carpeting in the platform, new curtains for the windows and choir railiings and new electric clock, all made up this special occasion. This was enjoyed by all.

When the company sold the houses and parsonage, we were informed that they would do the outside painting and repairs only. We went to work tearing off the old wallpaper in the sanctuary , preparing to paint it. After inquiring about the price for the painting, the Attawaugan Co. sent Mr. Frank Gamache over and again this work was done withouot any charge.

* Still under the carpet in one of the rooms.

Next issue: Records Of Interest Part Three

Look for part seven in the next issue

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Here's The Steeple

This will eventually be a pictorial study of steeples, bell towers, and other architectural curiosities.

This Issue:

An introduction to the Reproduction Colonial Sloop Providence.

Located in Providence Rhode Island

(We'll be seeing more of this in future issues)

A view of the bow as she sits in her berth, India Point Park, Providence, Rhode Island.

A view across the poop with a good view of the main sheet on the lower part of the boom.

Another view of the poop showing the furled main sail lashed to the boom.

A look at the bow sprit, which seems disproportionately large due to the small size of the hull, 60 to 70 feet in the original.

The bow, showing the base of the bowsprit, a small capstan and a four-pounder cannon. The original carried four-pounders and one pound swivel guns, which would have been mounted on the rail.

The poop, with a view of Providence Harbor in the distance.

The main sail, showing the topping lifts. The Providence carried a gaff headed mainsail, a square top sail, 3 head sails, and studding sails. Quite a bit of canvas for a small vessel.

Another view of the bow, showing the foot of the sprit.

The main spar with examples of what are called lazy-jacks on contemporary sailing vessels. These guide the sail into a neat pile on the boom as it's lowered. The lines have chaffing gear on them, to prevent chaffing the sails as they flap against the brisly tarred lines. I think it was known as baggy-wrinke, but I'm not positive.

The main mast showing the wooden hoops that hold the leach of the sail to the mast, and a large uphaul.

Another view of the mast.

One of the dead-eyes used to keep tension on the stays that hold up the mast, ratlines, for climbing into the rigging, and a wooden grate covering a hatch to the lower deck, where as many as 80 officers and crew lived on the original.

Some running rigging made fast with belaying pins.

The bowsprit, showing the netting used to climb out on when shortening, or furling sail. A little extra safety to prevent one from being run over by the ship if they fell.

A view of the bow.

Some rotting piling from an old pier along the waterfront. The area beneath must be loaded with artifacts. This area has been used as a wharf and ship yard almost as long as Providence has existed.

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Danger Kitchen
Danger Kitchen Online Index available.

Serving Soup to Nuts for... oh... a couple of weeks now anyway.


A great summer drink, cousin to a Manhattan, invented Friday, May 28, 1999.


> Shaved ice
> Canadian whiskey,
> Orange juice
> Orange slice
> Marashino cherries
> Marashino cherry juice
> Angostura bitters


> Fill a tall glass with shaved ice. (must be shaved).
> Shake in 5 or 6 dashes Angostura Bitters.
> Add Canadian whiskey to the half way mark on the glass.
> Fill with orange juice, to within half an inch from the top.
> Add 1 to 2 teaspoons Marashino cherry juice.
> Stir gently to mix.
> Garnish with orange slice and cherry. Note: Careful, these go down easy on a hot summer night.

Tomato Basil Pasta*

If you never make anything else, make this one.


> 4 to 6 Fresh tomatoes, the riper the better, cut in 3/8 inch cubes or there abouts.
> Mozzarella cheese, firm, a half pound chunck, cut in 1/4 inch cubes.
> Good extra virgin olive oil.
> Fresh basil, chopped. You can't have enough.
> Fresh ground black pepper.
> Freshly grated parmesan cheese.
> Fresh pasta if you can get it.
> Notice the word fresh showing up alot?.


> Add cheese cubes to tomato cubes in a bowl, equal amounts of each.
> Throw in a big hand full of chopped basil.
> Pour on enough olive oil to coat thoroughly, while stirring gently.
> Grind on some black pepper, not too much.
> Refridgerate until ready to serve, or...
> Serve immediately over hot pasta and top with grated parmesan cheese.

Note: The point is the contrast between the cool tomato mixture and the hot pasta that just starts to melt the mozzarella cheese. br>
* From a 1985 or 1986 Great Foods Magazine.

Baked Onions, Peppers and Potatoes*

Another quick prep recipe you can make while sipping a Monterey and waiting for roasters.


> 4 to 6 medium potatoes (for four people) cut into quarters or smaller, unpeeled.
> 4 to 6 green peppers, stemmed, seeded, and cut into chunks.
> 4 to 6 yellow onions, peeled and cut in quarters.
> Olive oil.
> Fresh ground black pepper.


> Put the vegetables in a plastic bag.
> Grind in a bunch of pepper.
> Pour in about a cup of olive oil.
> Seal the bag and turn it over and shake a few times to coat everything well with oil.
> Pour this mess into a baking dish, cover and bake at 350 until the potatoes and onions are done.
> Uncover for the last 10 minutes or so to brown a bit if you like.

*I think this comes from the Victory Garden Cookbook by Marian Morash, who's husband, Russel Morash, used to produce the Victory Garden Show with Jim Crockett for PBS in Boston. She was also involved with the Straight Wharf Restaurant on Nantucket, and did some cooking shows as well. Get that cook book. .

New Products (Remember SoyVay)

Check out the great Stash Tea website and order a catalog. Great tea and tea related stuff.

Try PumpKorn, spiced toasted pumpkin seeds made by a company with a sense of humor.

Stash Tea... Duh Pumpkorn. This is Colonel Head

Places To Eat
(Besides your own Dangerous Kitchen)

The Golden Greek is walking distance from here and worth every step.

A buffet you can't beleive at the Nordic Lodge.
All you can eat lobster, and everything else for that matter.

Another great buffet at the Foxwoods casino, out in the woods just south of here.

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Piper News

I've been framed!!!

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Let's add a frame around the window and see what some bars look like.

They look OK so we'll fill them all in.

Add a little dimension to the frame.

A green border so it blends in with the page.

It takes more than bars to hold a Sandpiper. You need some bricks as well.

Bricks are kind of tedious to do even with the copy function.

All done. Ah been framed I tell ya, Framed!

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