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Saturday, March 20, 1999
Saturday, March 27, 1999

Number Nineteen



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Piper HTML rewritten by hand, Sorry for the delay.

More Snow Predicted for Saturday.

Pipers online.

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#17 - 03-08-99 - R.I.P. Millennium Falcon, 1986-1999
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Swimming at Ocean Beach
is a year round event. is the new Domain Name for Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture.

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Coming Soon: HTML lessons, A history of Ocean County NJ PiperNet, Here's The Church and Here's The Steeple.


Saturday: Cold and sunny. Windy and cold in the afternoon.
Sunday: Gray and cold. Started raining by 2:00 in the afternoon.
Monday: Snow in the morning, cloudy and rain all day. 42 in the shop.
Tuesday: Warmer and nicer, then cloudy and cold.
Wednesday: Cold, Frost in the morning.
Thursday: Sunny and cool in the morning. 25 degrees predicted for tonight
Friday: Freezing first thing in the morning, wood stove still going.
Saturday: Cold and frosty in the morning, then sunny and warm, then cold and Snow.

Saturday, March 20, 1999 Through Saturday, March 27, 1999

5:00 AM Monday morning. An angry looking ocean and SNOW.

This was scene for most of the length of the Parkway.

Behind this @#&%* bus is the accident that tied up 50 miles of Route 95 in CT.

Monday night finds Mindy enjoying the recently lit wood stove.

Trimming the length of the first curved I-beam column to length.

The bottom flange on and the column set in place.

The top of the column ready to be marked and cut for a snug fit under the promenade deck.

Another in feed guide "pin" being bolted in place.
A 50 or so year old 1/2 inch reduction geared drill does the trick through 11 inches of wooden frame.
Drill courtesy of William H. Trautman, Lavallette, NJ. (My grandfather).

A new alignment cleat ready to be bolted to the floor.
These guide the 2-3000 pound in feed tables into position and stop them in the right spot.

Alexander Lake in the morning. This is at the cabin for sale, site of the best sunsets inland in CT.
The cabin will be featured in a future Piper Real-Estate section.

The dock at the cabin, in need of some serious attention.

The sidewalk at the church ready for some spring cleaning. Most of this sand is from the snow storms in March. This looks like a good "Yard Day" project for Saturday. Plenty of raking to do in the yard to remove the accumulation of winter crud, after "Stick Patrol" to get rid of all the downed branches and twigs.


Nothing like plowing up some of the street with the snow.

Looking over the millrace at the river below.
You have to enjoy the sparkling water before the trees set leaves.

This hasn't been modified. This is TK (Face) enjoying her first day out in quite a while.

Almost through another cord. The cold has to let up soon.

A load of lawn-vac parts going out to the tractor shed as part of the entry hall clean up.

Another load of firewood going in.

Point Man of View by Howard Collins

Evolution of the Church of Later Day Furniture

Upon having made the obligatory pilgrimage to the Mecca at Hooterville to
formally be christened into the congregation, my first impression was, "My!
What a quaint, picturesque sanctuary situate deep in the lush, green hills
of Northeastern Connecticut ."
Then I entered the Chamber of Horrors.

Within the heart of this edifice stood the combined and collective
eclectic possessions and veritable history of but one man, and the
categorizing, itemizing, identifying and otherwise sorting and storing of
which could easily have overwhelmed the considerable resources and talents
of the Smithsonian Institution's entire staff.

The state in which said combined and collective eclectic possessions were to
be found can be summarize quite easily, however - one Gawd-awful a heap
named "Chaos" (or the "Alps," to some).

But, buried deeply within Chaos, which, when combined, consolidated,
organized and homogenized, ultimately stood the basic skeleton of a vision
which was entering its earliest stages of gestation - the foundation upon
which would rise, just as the Phoenix from the ashes (in this case,
"Chaos"), the enterprise to be known as "Adirondack Style Furniture."

Low, though I had such considerable doubts and trepidation.

Even the seemingly innocuous and uneventful exercise of merely making the
trek to the sanitary facilities in the wee hours of the night to answer a
nature call would become an adventure even Dante himself could not have
begun to imagine!

There was vital equipment that must first be assembled in preparation to
brave the trek - flashlight, hard hat, safety shoes, winter survival gear
and, most importantly, an adequate supply of bread crumbs to mark the path
of return. The most fearsome aspect of such a trek was always that the
sizable resident feline community would feed upon the bread crumbs and any
hope of my ever being found might be lost for all eternity.

Venturing up onto the bell tower was no less daunting an adventure. It
became evident quite early on that the physical stature of the late 19th
century gentry was rather less of that of those of barely a century later in
time. Squeeze, bend, twist, turn and duck are the operative words at the
very least. Perseverance, willpower and pure determination eventually did
win out, however, and the view from that lofty perch is well worth the
effort and heartily recommended to any and all who make the Pilgrimage to
the Church of Later Day Furniture at Hooterville.

Certainly, and without any question whatsoever, robust and varied
nourishment and libation are always to be found in copious quantity of the
highest quality - God Save the Danger Kitchen!!

Throughout these past several years though, down at the beach, rumor had
been heard during tales whispered by the fireside that Chaos was being
tamed... "Pshaw!" those of thought would think. "Such can never be done.
The beast is as wild as nature itself - utterly untamable!"

We now leap to the present day.

Upon hearing the sad news that the Millennium Falcon may well have made its
last flight, this observer felt compelled to once again make the Pilgrimage
to the Church of Latter Day Furniture, renew his vows, and re-fortify the
belief that Chaos has, indeed, reigned supreme - free and unfettered, far
beyond the puny efforts of mankind.

Alas, such was not the case.

Is it also true then that the world is flat? That hell has frozen over?
That President Clinton has told the truth?

Miracles will never cease!!!

Chaos has no only been tamed, it has become totally emasculated and in fact

More wonders to behold!

The most astounding revelation was that the floor can actually be seen!
Substantial portions of it, in fact!!
Organization and order was clearly evident everywhere! Categorizing,
itemizing, identifying and otherwise sorting and storing had, in truth, been
accomplished almost to a fare-thee-well!
All is not fully complete, though. There are some things that are yet to be
done, but they are infinitesimal investments in cost and labor by comparison
to having conquered Chaos.

Yea, it is clear and evident for all the world to see that production at
Adirondack Style Furniture is soon, indeed, about to commence and that the
Dream will come to fruition.

Adirondack Style
Outdoor Furniture

This has been a big week for Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture. The Website, as feeble as it is right now, has a proper home. is the domain name and URL. All of the files in the site, as well as the Sandpiper and Beach pages should be moved to the new location by the end of the weekend, time permitting. Both sites will be up for a week or so, then the old site will be deleted except for a pointer to the new site. With 10 megabytes of server space available, and the original 6, there should be enough space for the next few months so the megabyte telethon is over for a while.

A 24 inch table picture for the web site. This is a 12 year old piece from the Dip&Sip.

The Umbrella Holder will be featured in an Options page soon.

Looks like summer already.

The Alan Cohen memorial design "High Boy" chair, for a chair that's easier to get up from.

The "Old Number 7" Smoke House. Everyone needs one of these.

Recent archeological digs in the mezzanine uncovered the prototype "Kids Chair".

A front view with a normal chair to set the scale.

The same chairs from the side.

The Spooning Chair. This model will be as difficult to ship as a Volkswagen.

The Spooning Chair from another angle.

Any way you look at it, the Spooning Chair takes up a lot of room.

Green Side Up

Tulips are up in spite of the foul weather.

This succulent, known as "The Brain" was rescued from the first boardwalk in ocean beach, where it had been dropped after being pulled out of the ground, fourteen years ago. It was almost dried out but responded to treatment and has survived a subsequent move from the East Hampton apartment here to Hooterville.

Finally uncovered, the little Christmas tree seems a little brittle and dry after the winter.

Lots of progress on the new Holiday Inn and restaurant.

Still no details available about number of rooms and what sort of facilities. Could be 80 or more rooms based on counting windows.

I hope the food here will be good. It's hard to tell yet.


A Killingly web site

A great Killingly web site

Killingly Historical Society

Official Killingly Site

Cool Uconn Survey Site

Windham County CT

CT genealogy, great resource

Planning and design is underway for a full E-commerce site. The site will be based loosely on, the largest home delivery service, and, another delivery company using Eastside Marketplace as a warehouse for perishables, gourmet items and exotics. Stay tuned for more developments.

Browse the Expanded Ocean Beach Surf Club. Website. Take an E-walk on the beach and watch a sunset at the bay. Visit often to see the many improvements planned. Sunset pictures can be downloaded to your computer, "Benches in the water" as well. See the new "Walk to the Jetty".

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Don Schmidt and Tom Loder take a refreshing swim at OB, Saturday, March 20, 1999
Don & Tom

Looks tempting doesn't it?
Don & Tom

Water temperature: About 45 degrees
Don & Tom

"Wanna get out now?" "Yea what the heck, you first"
Don & Tom

Total elapsed time: 11 seconds
Don & Tom


Put on your cyber-reboks and check out for the latest pictures of a house Todd and Julie are buying. No new info yet.

Yep, still waitin' for more news.

Danger Kitchen
The Mexi-Thing
(From Bonnie Browne)


> cream cheese
> A small amount of extra sharp cheddar
> Scallions
> Salsa
> Chili (I use Hormel vegetarian--carnivores may want something a little more beefy)
> A lot of shredded cheddar
> Sliced or diced black olives.


> Layered in the baking dish (pick your own size from pie plate to HUGE)
   from bottom to top.

> Bake for about 20-30 minutes until hot and bubbly at (what else?) 350.
> Pick away at it with Tostitos.
> Serve with sour cream and/or guacamole

All recipes original unless otherwise noted.

The "Piper" is brought to you courtesy of
Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture.
For None of your furniture needs ... yet.

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