The One-Legged Sandpiper

Monday, March 8, 1999
Thursday, March 11, 1999

Number Seventeen

"Knee deep and just a little behind"

R.I.P. Millennium Falcon, 1986 - 1999


New Eastside Marketplace web site launched. A work in progress.

First online "Pipers" available
03-01-99 One-Legged Sandpiper
03-05-99 One-legged Sandpiper

Ocean Beach Mental Health Web Page Up.
Ocean Beach Mental Health Web Page

Temperatures in the teens at night. 29 below wind chill factor.

Joiner assembly under way.

Millennium Falcon to make its last Providence trip Friday.


Monday: Highs in the low teens, 29 below wind chill factor at Worcester airport.
Tuesday: Still way too cold.
Wednesday: Snow predicted for Thursday. Warmed up a bit.
Thursday: 4 snow flakes fell in Providence during the day. Light snow Thursday night.


Sunday night saw wind chill factors at almost 30 below zero. Gusting winds were still blowing snow around Monday morning. Fire wood use was way up, even so temperature in the shop only reached 41 degrees. Monday night was time to start working on the first of the curved I-beams supporting the promenade deck overhang. They need to be trimmed to length precisely to produce a snug fit. Two of the three cuts can be made with a circular saw. The final cut was best made with an eighty year old bow saw. The 1998 1040 occupied the rest of any free time.


Tuesday saw the transfer of the new Eastside web site files to the Igyirh Ltd web server space with the new FTP program.
The new Eastside Marketplace web site
Comments and suggestions are welcome. Remember, it's just the beginning, a work in progress. Back at the shop, the weather was still more like January then March. Time to lay in more wood before the threatened snow storm Wednesday. Assembly on the joiner is underway. This is the last big tool to assemble. Then comes jigs, fixtures and templates.

Another view of the joiner, moved to the bench for easy access. Yes, that's a pound of butter on the deck of the joiner. I don't know why. Rhode Island State taxes used up shop time.


Marley and Laconia seem to be enjoying life in spite of the weather. The thermostat in the truck needed to be removed to prevent overheating, which along with oil in the coolant, and coolant in the oil, is a symptom of a bad head gasket.

Contributions, in the form of text and or pictures files are welcome for the Piper.
Send an update of your situation, or write an article on a subject of your choice. Recipes for Danger Kitchen accepted as well. Published after testing of course.


Put on your cyber-reboks and check out for the latest pictures of a house Todd and Julie want to buy.

Compare The original Eastside Marketplace web site, created by Elliot Packer of, with the beginning of The new Eastside Marketplace web site.
Be critical and forward suggestions and comments to .

Browse the new Ocean Beach Mental Health Web Page. Beach pictures welcome.

Ruth Sadankas reports:

"The weather here last weekend was odd. We had a thunderstorm Saturday night with cool lightening (snap the picture....NOW!) and glass rattling thunder. Then 70 mph winds and bitter cold. I thought we'd be working on the boat soon."

Boat? Try a snow blower.

Danger Kitchen

When you want a drink that's just the right color.


> Ice cubes.
> Angostura Bitters.
> Orange slice.
> Maraschino Cherries.
> Maraschino Cherry juice.
> Canadian Whiskey: V. O. , Mist, Windsor Canadian or (gulp) Crown Royal.
> Ginger ale.


1) Fill a glass with ice cubes.
2) Add 4 dashes bitters.
3) Add 2 cherries, 1 tsp. of cherry juice and the orange slice, squeezed.
4) Fill 1/2 of the glass with Canadian.
5) Fill the rest of the glass with ginger ale and stir.
6) Drink.
6) Lather, rinse,
repeat. These can take you to Island Beach State Park.

All recipes original unless otherwise noted.

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The One-Legged Sandpiper

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