The One-Legged Sandpiper

Monday, February 22, 1999
Thursday, February 25, 1999

Number Twelve

"Knee deep and just a little behind"


Seventeen below zero wind chill factor.

Radial arm saw base complete, shop now a divided highway.

Railing on mezzanine stairs complete.

It's a "blizzahd" ayuh.


Monday: Seventeen below zero with the wind chill factor. Cold all day. Shop down to 47 degrees. Going through fire wood like corn through a goose.
Tuesday: Shop down to 43 degrees in the morning, 55 degrees at midnight, a 50 degree rise from outside.

Wednesday: More cold, major snow on the horizon.
Thursday: The ice age continues, and... up to 22 inches of snow predicted with 40 mph winds. No, don't bring in firewood yesterday... that would be stupid. 4 inches of snow on the ground at 7:00 AM.


The official shop light duty wallpaper music radio station is WXLO in Worcester Massachusetts. You can here WXLO live over the internet after you download an audio player free from their site: Not too many stations available out here in the sticks, until the directional FM antenna is mounted on the roof anyway.

The Week
(So far)

This is in the shop first thing in the morning Monday. This is the coldest it's been inside this year. Outside was below zero, and it wasn't a great time to go rooting around in the lumber dryer for econo 2x4s for the rolling base for the radial arm saw.

Nice clear morning, burning fire wood like nobody's business.

The posts for the railing in place on the mezzanine stairs. Except for the temporary railings on the promenade deck and smoke alarms, this, and a major cleanup, will get the shop ready for inspection. The balance of Monday night was spent designing the base for the radial arm saw and creating a cutting list for tomorrow night.

Tuesday morning was even colder then Monday. This is ice on the inside of the entry hall doors. The nails sticking through the sheathing in the crew's quarters (living space in back) had ice on them... Inside!

See the shadow of the bell tower roof in the smoke from the wood stove?

The waterfront in Providence viewed from route 195 east. This view is great for emotional equilibrium after miles of rush hour traffic. Notice the sparkly stuff on the water.

A quick check of the oil level in the main tank revealed a decided lack of oil. Seems like there was over a quarter of a tank just four days ago. Oh yeah, it's been below zero at night and cold and windy all day. Duh! Time to run out for a precautionary ten gallons of diesel to dump in the tank just in case. The gauge isn't very accurate below a quarter. Better safe then cold. Back inside, here's the railing screwed and glued in place. There will be a finished cap rail eventually, but this will do for inspection.

Here's the frame of the rolling base for the radial arm saw glued and screwed and left to set up for the night.

Tuesday night was the coldest night this year. Time to leave the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink open at night to keep the pipes from freezing. The kitchen is the warmest room during the day when the heat is up, but the back wall is the coldest place in the building at night. The entry hall used to be the coldest spot but since the wood stove was installed, it never seems to get below freezing. Makes a nice walk-in auxiliary refrigerator.
The radial arm saw has become the all purpose work area while the bench was in a state of "disarray." It sits in the alley between the bench and the shaper, an aisle that must be cleared so the in feed tables can roll around both sides of the big tools. The saw has a lot of stuff on it, and in it (the base). Everything has to come off of, and out of it to move it on to the rolling base. The casters are only rated for 700 lb., so most of the stuff will need a new permanent home.

The pallet jack will fit through here, but not an in feed table. Wednesday night will be the big night for moving all this out.

Nice sunset from the Eastside Marketplace parking lot. Another few weeks and it'll still be light at 6:00.

A little blurry, but goods colors from the route 10 connector.

The casters are on and ready for the saw. The base brings the working surface of the saw up to 38 1/2" to mate with all of the other tools and in feed tables, and still gives about 5/8" of ground clearance to toll over scraps and such on the floor.

A little lifting on to the base and that baby rolled right out of there. Almost enough room to drive the truck through.

The saw's new home is anywhere there isn't an in feed table. It could also be rolled out the front door on the loading dock and into the back of the pickup truck. I certainly didn't spend 10 minutes rolling it around just to play.

Wednesday night should also be the night to bring in fire wood to prepare for the storm but ... seems like a good night to relax for a little bit. Besides the back wouldn't hear of it.

Danger Kitchen

House Bread (for bread machines)


> 1 tsp. white sugar
> 1 tsp. active dry yeast (or 1 package)
> 1 cup warm water.
> 2 cups flour
>1 tsp. salt
> 4 TBS nonfat dry milk
> 2 TBS bran (any kind)
> 2 TBS honey (yes dear)
> 1 TBS shortening
> 2 tsp. brown sugar


1) Mix white sugar, water and yeast and set aside to proof. (about 10 minutes)
2) Put remaining ingredients in the bread machine mixing bowl.
3) When the yeast is getting foamy on top, pour the mixture into the bread machine mixing bowl, close the lid, press the correct button and wait for the beep.
4) Let cool on a rack, out of the mixing bowl for at least an hour.

All recipes original unless otherwise noted.

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