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Potato Egg Breakfast

Living in Squalid Splendor

     This creation can give you a delicious hot and filling breakfast for about five minutes of total preparation time and a cost of about a dollar if you shop carefully. You can make this while you're rushing around getting ready to go to work and reheat it later. If you have a dorm refrigerator, a tiny microwave, a bowl and a fork... You can make these easily and start living in Squalid Splendor. Get a pepper mill and buy whole black pepper corns at the dollar store. It will add a lot of quality to your life. Get the pepper mill at the dollar store as well.


> 1 medium all purpose (white) potato - $.25.
> 2 eggs - $.35.
> 2 slices process American cheese food like substance - $.40.
> Hot Sauce to taste. I like Trappey's Red Devil Sauce.
> Fresh ground black pepper.


> Microwave.
> Microwave safe bowl.
> Fork.


> Wash the potato and put it in the bowl.
> Microwave on high for four minutes.
> Turn the potato over and microwave for four more minutes.
> Chop/crumble it up with the fork. Leave the skin alone.
> Dose the potato nicely with hot sauce (optional) and mix thoroughly.
> Break the two eggs into the bowl with the potato.
> Grind (or shake) in some pepper.
> Beat the potato/egg mixture carefully to mix thoroughly until smooth and slightly frothy.
> Microwave again for a minute.
> Mix up the potato egg mixture again with the fork until smooth (chunks OK).
> Microwave again for a minute and a half.
> Top with slices of "cheese".
> Microwave again for a minute or reheat later for two minutes.

     This recipe has added immeasurably to my quality of life recently. Especially during the bitter cold spells we've been having. You can eat one of these for lunch or dinner as well. Try one as a side dish with any roast or meatloaf. You can slide one out of the bowl with a fork; invert it on a baking dish, brush with oil or melted butter and sprinkle with seasoned bread crumbs before baking for ten minutes to warm through. Make mini ones in greased muffin tins in the oven; dip in beer batter or first in melted butter or beaten egg and then bread crumbs before deep frying.

Options *

> Add or top with crumbled bacon.
> Add sliced or chopped leftover breakfast sausage.
> Add chopped leftover cooked hamburgers or hotdogs.
> Top with grated parmesan cheese.
> Top with or mix in any shredded cheese you have.
> Dredge a third cheese slice in flour, chop finely and mix in with the egg for a richer quiche like consistency.
> Add some half and half, heavy cream or milk to the egg/potato mixture for a richer texture and flavor.
> Add leftover peas to the egg/potato mixture.

Boat/Camp Considerations.

This is perfect for boat or camp. Use a small (5"-6") cast iron frying pan for the purpose if you don't have a microwave.

* Did you think there was a recipe that I wouldn't suggest adding bacon to? You'd be wrong!