Danger Kitchen Macaroni & Cheese

Living in Squalid Splendor

     This concoction was first hatched around 1982 after a layoff that lead to a rather lean period. The Squalid Splendor concept was born then. A rich, luxurious meal can often be the best revenge and there's no reason it has to cost a fortune. In this case, probably a dollar a serving.


> 2 boxes house brand macaroni & cheese - $1.00.
> 2 cans chunk light tuna fish - $1.00.
> 1 lb bag frozen house brand peas, cooked and drained - $1.00.
> 1 cup milk - $.50 for the sake of argument.
> 1/2 stick butter - $.50 worst case scenario.
> Garlic powder.
> Onion powder.
> Fresh ground black pepper.


> Prepare the macaroni & Cheese according to directions.
> Drain the tuna fish and flake into the mac with a fork.
> Add the cooked drained peas.
> Mix well.
> Serve immediately.

     This is great by itself but can be served with a salad and/or Italian or French bread if the price is right and you're stacking carbs. It's a little salty, but the taste is satisfying. You should get four meals out of this recipe at around $1.00 per meal. To get even more mileage out of it, serve over a baked potato, split or mashed and swimming in butter or sour cream.

Options *

> Add or top with crumbled bacon.
> Add sliced or chopped leftover breakfast sausage.
> Add chopped leftover cooked hamburgers or hotdogs.
> Add leftover shrimp. (Like you'd have shrimp if you're eating this!)
> Top with grated parmesan cheese.
> Top with or mix in any shredded cheese you have.

Boat/Camp Considerations.

Perfect for boat or camp. 1 pan. Great for the day after the night before.

* Did you think there was a recipe that I wouldn't suggest adding bacon to? You'd be wrong.