Roasted Brussels Sprouts And Chestnuts
Get Ready For Thanksgiving

Nancy Starziano

Executive Chef - Eastside Marketplace
Providence, Rhode Island

Need a different, yet delicious, side dish for Thanksgiving?
Try this on for size. Trim up the sprouts the day before and used canned or frozen chestnuts for a dish that takes little time but tastes Big Time.


> Three to four pounds fresh brussels sprouts, trimmed.
> One pound peeled chestnuts, not roasting on an open fire.
> One quarter pound butter (1 stick).
> Salt and pepper to taste.


> Cut the sprouts in half top to bottom.
> Place in a baking dish with the Chestnuts and butter.
> Put in a 350 degree oven.
> Mix well to coat everything with butter.
> Add salt and pepper to taste.
> Roast until sprouts and chestnuts are tender, stirring occasionally.


> Add crumbled crisp fried bacon before serving.
> Add chunks of browned sausage before roasting.
> Mix any or all of the above with broth and bread cubes for stuffing.