Danger Kitchen
D a n g e r   K i t c h e n

The Dark and Stormy... Danger Kitchen Style

The BEST drink EVER!!!


Goslings Black Seal rum (At least one bottle)
Ginger beer (Goya is nice and spicy)
Orange juice (No pulp is better)
Ice cubes
An interesting glass (Your soon to be favorite Dark & Stormy Glass)


Fill the glass with ice
Fill half the glass with Goslings rum (Don't be stingy, the ice takes up room)
Fill 2/3 of the remaining space with ginger beer
Stir... or at least swirl with your finger
Fill the remaining space in the glass with orange juice
Sip a little out so you can stir again
Make a face if this is your first one of the night (Or day)
Dunk your finger in a few times to swirl the orange juice around
Enjoy the best drink EVER!!!
Worked once... Ought to work again (See Below)


     Rum never used to taste as good as I imagined it could until I discovered Goslings... Thanks to caterer and event planner Aggie Clifford Carmone of Soirée Full Service Event Planning. I mean... pirates drank it and all. It must be great right? Then you have your first taste of Bacardi something or other when you're too young to drink legally and it's a huge disapointment until...

Now the huge variety of estate rums available can be daunting. When in doubt... stick with the classics. Goslings is hard to beat. Time to try the Danger Kitchen Rum Cake with Goslings I think.


Visit the Goslings Rum website. Try the "Official" Goslings Rum Dark 'n Stormy recipe (Nowhere near as good). Try one with Goya "Spicy" Ginger Beer after you try one with Barritts' more traditional Bermudian Ginger Beer. The Danger Kitchen Dark and Stormy is more like the version served during events at the Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol Rhode Island... but quite a bit stronger. Call Aggie Clifford-Carmone at Soirée event planning in case you're planning a big shindig in Rhode Island... Dark and Stormys or Dark 'n Stormys or... Not. Check out the Danger Kitchen section of the One-Legged Sandpiper for a great Rum Cake recipe.


"Worked once... Ought to work again" is my favorite line from the 1974 movie The Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds. Check out the Wikipedia entry for Dark 'n Stormys for another opinion about the drink and the making thereof. It was a Dark and Stormy Night when this was written.

Friday, October 3, 2008