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Beach Walk North    Beach Walk South    Surf Boat Picture    Boardwalk walk     Sunset 12/24/98

1999 Monterey Beach Lifeguard Tournament     Furniture on the beach

Lightning Strike In Island Heights    An Ocean Rescue Story

Mysterious Ruins Discovered On The Beach    Sunrise With Bonnie

Sailing On Barnegat Bay    A Beach Story By Kate Walter

Limpy - One heck of a seagull!    Limpy - MIA?

The Em McNally Beach Badge Collection   October 1999 Photo Gallery

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An early summer Sunset Sail on Barnegat Bay

The Dip & Sip, an Ocean Beach bungalow

Iceboating on Barnegat Bay

Porch Over The River Kwai

Beach Pictures Of The Day
Monday, May 8, 2000



Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Florida - From Kimberly Rieber, Evansville, Indiana
Mast Top
Mast O
Mast B
Mast S
Mast C
Mast Base

Benches in the water, mid summer. Click on the image to Download.

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A loveseat on the beach

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